Thursday, August 9

Latina BBW Angelina Castro Mouth Fucks Hard Cock!

Its hard to find good help these days. So when my camera guy flaked out on me I had to get someone to help right away. Lucky for me I had a back up camera guy offer to help. Well I had to show my appreciation and give him a special bonus. I dropped down to my knees and took his hard cock in my mouth. He couldn't help himself and shot a huge load all over my face. I guess I have a new camera guy! you guys get a hot POV scene. It's a win win for everyone! Check out the hot blowjob scene exclusive for my members now!

Monday, July 2

Angelina Castro In Cock Sucking Class

Great scene, and let me tell you Angelina Castro is a really good teacher too! In this scene Angelina teaches you how to suck cock in both English and in Spanish! She explains very clearly what the word for dick is in Spanish which is Pinga! Angelina also goes over some important things every girl has to remember before and during cocksucking. And guess what I get to be the classroom!

Monday, May 14

BBW Angelina Castro Pounds Pussy With Fuck Machine

It's a nice day to enjoy the weather outside. SO I'm going to take advantage and take out one of my favorite new toys and please my pussy. My trusty Fuck Machine is going to give me a good pounding until I cum. I know I'm outside and the neighbors might be in for quite an eyeful! Check out the hot solo action exclusive for members now!

Thursday, March 8

Angelina Castro Strips & Rubs Her Plump Pussy!

Did everyone have a great weekend? I'm still not ready to get all dressed up. I'm lounging around in some bra and panties, but I think that's still too much clothes. How about I just take my panties off. My pussy is all wet, do you want to see? How about you watch as I finger my pussy until I cum? Check out the hot solo gallery exclusive for members now!

Monday, January 22

Fucking Hot Latina Angelina Castro

Yo, when it comes to hot Latina girls breaking hearts and taking names down in Miami, there ain't no better then the sexy thick Angelina. We're about to kill two birds with one stone but working this scene on her webcam too. She's sucking my hard cock live for her online fans as well as mine.

Monday, November 27

Angelina Castro - Are Latinas The Hottest And Horniest?

If you've ever watched a morning news or variety show on Spanish-language TV, you know that the women are dressed to fucking kill with tits, ass and legs proudly on display, and no matter how bad the news is-earthquakes, assassinations, financial meltdowns-there will be a quick burst of wild group dancing and frenzied hoopla at any moment. Latina women are especially hot, expressive and emotional compared to non-Latinas. A guy needs to be on his game to even keep up with them. Super-hottie SCORE Girl Angelina Castro is Cuban-American. She has appeared many times on Latin television in Miami. Just key in her name on the SCORELAND Blog search engine and watch Angelina's video clips. She is off-the-chain sexy and very, very funny, and a rapid-fire speaker with a lot of things she likes to get off her very bulging chest. In one clip, Angelina talks about taking her grandfather and her grandmother to a porn store where she interviewed them and showed them the sex toys sold there. That story moved to how she once used an electric toothbrush as a vibrator because she had forgotten to take one with her on a trip. There are not many big-bust Latina SCORE Girls who do hardcore scenes.

Sunday, October 15

Busty Angelina P.O.V.

First, a modeling show with Angelina Castro's new string bikini. Then an oily titty rub. And then jerking, tit-fucking, dick sucking and a good, wet pussy pumping. Cuban-American Angelina is always dressed to kill in tight tops, push-up bras, tight, short-shorts and the highest heels. She lives in Miami and is well-known around the Magic City. "I love it here.. the beaches, the weather, the parties and the night life," said Angelina. "The only thing I don't like is how some of the guys talk to girls. If I had a dollar for every guy that said to me 'Hey, Ma, what's up?', I'd have a lot of money!".